Monday, 19 August 2019

5 Must Visit Places in Northern Nigeria

Travelling Northern Nigeria in present day is not in the bucket list of many Nigerians, majorly due to the attacks of violence and terrorism. Despite this, destinations in these areas still bear an unrivaled natural beauty compared to other parts of the country that should be appreciated by all. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and visiting the hilly terrains, experiencing the rich culture of the Durban festivals, the nutritious meals and warm people, is an adventure waiting to be explored.

Currently, there are 5 cities that offers a rich culture, tourist destinations, scenic views, relaxing holiday areas and would ensure you have the best and most affordable accommodations as you journey into these mind blowing locations.

Birnin Kebbi
This beautiful northwestern city is the capital of Kebbi state and populated mainly by Hausas, fulanis, kabawa. It is well known for its rich agricultural products. If not for anything, visit this place to get a taste of the colorful annual Uhola festival, an initiation of boys and girls into adulthood. It is characterized by events such as wrestling, dance, music and exhibition of art works. This city also houses the historical tomb of Abdullahi Fodio (brother of Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio) who played an active role in the 19th century Jihad. The Grimace Shrine in Zulu is home to crocodiles; for those looking to get in touch with wildlife.

In Plateau state, Jos is popularly referred to as J-Town. Here you have a range of beautiful tourist centers to visit; from Jos Wildlife Park, Riyom Rock, the museums, Assop Waterfall, just to name a few. Normally appreciated for chilly weather between 21-25 degree celsius, and sometimes experience hailstones. Want to chill? Visit Jos!

Kada in Hausa means crocodile, and the plural form is Kaduna. This city is highly recognized for famous works of pottery, houses an oil refinery and also deals in a great deal of export. The railway system is operational and the Kaduna International Airport is also fully functional. Nok, Amalgation house, City wall, CHELTECH, Lord Lugard residence, Fifth Chukker resorts, Matsiriga waterfalls, Kajuru Castle, St. Bartholomew's church are some of the tourist centers everyone should visit. Festivals here is also very colourful and entertaining to attend.

Lafia is the largest city in Nasarawa state. This coal town is famous for the highly sought sesame seed, soybeans and a wealth of other highly nutritious food. One of the major landmarks in this region, is the Lafia Township stadium, a medium to top class Nigerian premiership matches. Cotton weaving and dyeing is also a magical process that should be seen firsthand.